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1960 Gadgets


envovil-10 1960The Pill

Enovid 10, the first birth control pill went on sale in Skokie, Ilinois for 50 cents a day which began the sexual revolution.
Enovid 10



ansafone 1960


The Answering Machine


Kazuo Hashimoto Invents the Ansafone sold in the USA as an Automatic Telephone Answering Machine. Ansafone

speaker 1960






tiros-1 1960


TIROS-1 Weather Satellite


The United States launches the first weather satellite, TIROS-1.





echo 1960Communications Satellite 


AT&T Labs launched Echo, a giant balloon to bounce signals between ground based receivers. Echo



xeros 1960The Copy Machine


The Rank Xerox Standard 1385 copying machine goes to market. The Xeros 1385


1960 Toys


chatty cathy 1960



Chatty Cathy


First popular talking doll, spoke 11 random phrases at the pull of a string. The original voice was June Foray who also did the voice of Rocket J. Squirrel in the Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons. Chatty Cathy

speaker 1960






legos 1960


Legos - The Brits successfully enter the American toy market with Legos.






etch-a-sketch 1960



High tech toy from France is a big hit, everyone seems to have had one at one time or another. Etch-a-Sketch



More Gadgets



The Modem

Bell Telephone Laboratories invent the modem using the binary code patented by Jean-Emile Baudot in 1874.


The Laser

Theodore Maiman uses a synthetic ruby to build first true laser.


Teflon Non-sticking cookware goes on sale at Macy's in New York



The Hologram

Heart Pacemaker

Take a trip back in time...
To the year you were born
The year you graduated
Memories are made of this...


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