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1961 Technology & Gadgets


space needle 1961

Seattle finishes the Space Needle for the 1962 World's Fair. It was the tallest structure West of the Mississippi.






President Kennedy announces the  Apollo program to put a "man on the moon" before the end of the decade.

quasar 1961


The quasar is discovered by Allan Sandage at Mt Palomar. Still a mystery, they are 2 trillion times brighter than our sun (100 times brighter than the Milky Way), very very far away (so very very old), and thought to be galaxies in the throes of creation.




X-15 rocket 1961



X-15 rocket plane reached a record altitude of 31.25 miles




introduces the world's first transistorized videotape recorder, SV-201.


1961 Toys & Gadgets


ken doll 1961




- Barbie's got a boyfriend! Barbie's got a boyfriend!








yo-yo 1961


Duncan Yo-Yo began a 1961 Yo-Yo craze with the introduction of the plastic Yo-Yo which is little changed from today. First proof of the use of a Yo-Yo is from this Greek engraving circa 500BC.




Ray Krock opens 200th McDonald's in Southern California.



twa 1961

The First in flight movie is shown on TWA: By Love Possessed starring Lana Turner and Efram Zimbalist, Jr.





electric toothbrush 1961



Though the first electric toothbrush was produced by Squibb in 1960, General Electric brought the first rechargeable cordless toothbrush to market in 1961.

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