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Fiction 1965


The Source James Michener

The Source by James A. Michener - Considered the best of the bunch by the King of historical fiction, this fat one follows the history of the Jews from a molten Earth to the State of Israel.




up the down staricase bel kaufman


Up the Down Staircase by Bel Kaufman - A Best Seller concerning a an idealistic high school English teacher who becomes discouraged teaching in a large New York inner-city school. She leaves only to come back realizing that she can make a difference.





god bless you mr rosewater kurt vonnegut


God Bless You Mr. Rosewater by Kurt Vonnegut -
A series of stories concerning wealthy philanthropist Eliot Rosewater whose concern for the poor causes his father's foundation to try and declare him insane so they can grab the money. Cameo appearance by Kilgore Trout.



hotel arthur hailey





Hotel by Arthur Hailey - Best Seller chronicling 5 days in the life of a New Orleans Hotel with lots of problems.











Donald Wandrei - Strange Harvest

Margaret Forster - Georgy Girl

Ian Fleming - The Man with the Golden Gun

Lloyd Alexander - The Black Cauldron
J. G. Ballard - The Drought
Ray Bradbury - The Vintage Bradbury
Kenneth Bulmer - Land Beyond the Map
Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan and the Castaways
L. Sprague de Camp - The Arrows of Hercules
August Derleth - The Casebook of Solar Pons
Philip K. Dick - The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch
Margaret Drabble - The Millstone
Frank Herbert - Dune
Jerzy Kosinski - The Painted Bird
John le Carré - The Looking-Glass War
David Lodge - The British Museum Is Falling Down
H.P. Lovecraft - Dagon and Other Macabre Tales
Eric Malpass - Morning's at Seven
Ruth Manning-Sanders - A Book of Dragons
Iris Murdoch - The Red and the Green
Peter O'Donnell - Modesty Blaise
Raymond Queneau - Les fleurs bleues
Françoise Sagan - La chamade
Vincent Starrett - The Quick and the Dead
Irving Stone - Those Who Love
Rex Stout - The Doorbell Rang
Jack Vance - Space Opera


More on each new book of 1965 at Wikipedia


1965 Tony Awards (theater)


odd couple walter matthau art carney


Play - Dramatic - The Subject Was Roses by Frank Gilroy

Actor - Dramatic - Star - Walter Matthau The Odd Couple

Actress - Dramatic - Star - Irene Worth Tiny Alice

Actor - Dramatic - Featured or Supporting - Jack Albertson The Subject Was Roses

Actress - Dramatic - Featured or Supporting - Alice Ghostley The Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window

Director - Play - Mike Nichols The Odd Couple

Author - Play - Neil Simon The Odd Couple


Literary News 1965

dune frank herbert


Frank Herbert's Dune
is the joint winner of the Hugo Award and the winner of the first Nebula Award for Best Novel. Considered the greatest science fiction novel of all time, it was also the first best selling hardcover science fiction novel.



Nobel Prize in Literature: Michail Aleksandrovich Shalokhov


Pulitzer Prize for Fiction: The Keepers of the House, Shirley Ann Grau

Pulitzer Prize for Drama: The Subject Was Roses, Frank D. Gilroy


Non Fiction 1965


in cold blood truman capoteIn Cold Blood - Truman Capote

With the help of his childhood friend Harper Lee (To Kill a Mockingbird) Truman Capote when to Kansas in 1964 and did a series of interviews that chronicled the 1959 Kansas "Clutter Murders". He released the book after the murderers, Richard "Dick" Hickock and Perry Edward Smith were executed in April of 1965. It made Truman Capote rich and famous.




autobiography of Malcom X

The Autobiography of Malcolm X - Alex Haley

A series of interviews written by Alex Haley between 1964 and Malcolm X's assassination in 1965. The book was named by Time magazine as one of the ten most important nonfiction books of the 20th century. The book served as the screenplay for the 1992 Spike Lee film Malcolm X.



The Green Berets



The Green Berets - Robin Moore

Moore trained and deployed with the Green Berets for a year as the Vietnam war was winding up. He is more famous for his subsequent novel, The French Connection.








Why is there Air 1968


Grammy for 1965 Best Comedy Performance: Why Is There Air? - Bill Cosby (2nd year in a row)



That Was the Year That Was
- The precursor to today's Mark Russell, Tom Lehrer put his witty political songs on this classic album. This video is called "National Brotherhood Week" which sure stands up even now over 40 years later.


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