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Associated Press Athlete of 1966:  Frank Robinson, Major League Baseball Kathy Whitworth, LPGA golf


Professional Sports 1966


world cup 1966

The 1966 FIFA World Cup in England. England wins over .West Germany Series: 4-2. The final game was the most contested in FIFA history with England's Geoff Hurst fielding two questionable goals, one in over time. The winning questionable goal caused the home fans to spill out in onto the field creating the most famous quote in FIFA history by BBC commentator Kenneth Wolstenholme "Some people are on the pitch. They think it's all over. It is now!"




World Series: World Series: Baltimore Orioles vs.
LA Dodgers Series: 4-0 sweep




NFL Championship: Green Bay Packers won 34-27 over the Dallas Cowboys


AFL Championship: Kansas City Chiefs won 31-7 over the Buffalo Bills


superbowl I




Super Bowl I


Green Bay Packers won 35-10 over the Kansas City Chiefs










NBA: Boston Celtics vs. LA Lakers Series: 4-3




The Masters - Jack Nicklaus

US Open - Billy Casper
British Open - Jack Nicklaus
PGA Championship - Al Geiberger
PGA tour's leading money winner for the year: Billy Casper



US Women's Open - Sandra Spuzich
LPGA Championship - Gloria Ehret
Leading money winner on the LPGA tour: Kathy Whitworth $33,517




muhammad ali 1966


In 1966 Muhammad Ali successfully defended his title five times. Counting another defense of the crown in November of 1965 against Floyd Patterson, and one each in February and March of 1967 against Ernie Terrell and Zora Folley, respectively, Ali made eight successful defenses of the title in 16 month.


NHL - Hockey


Stanley Cup: Montreal Canadiens vs.Detroit Red Wings Score: 4-2

bobby hull 1966




Bobby Hull of the Chicago Blackhawks sets the NHL single season scoring record against the New York Rangers with his 51st goal.








Horse Racing

Kentucky Derby - Kauai King
Preakness Stakes -
Kauai King
Belmont Stakes -



College Sports 1966


Heisman Trophy: Steve Spurrier, Florida, QB points: 1,679





NCAA Football: Notre Dame & Michigan State record: 9-0-1 & 9-0-1


ORANGE BOWL: #4 Alabama Crimson Tide 39 #3 Nebraska Cornhuskers 28

COTTON BOWL: LSU Tigers 14 #2 Arkansas Razorbacks 7

ROSE BOWL: #5 UCLA Bruins 14 #1 Michigan State Spartans 12

SUGAR BOWL: #6 Missouri 20 Florida Gators 18





NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Texas Western wins 72-65 over Kentucky


texas western miners 1966


The Texas Western Miners defeat the Kentucky Wildcats with 5 black starters, ushering in desegregation in athletic recruiting.

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