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1967 - A retro journey through the news and history of the Sixties

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The Nation 1967



The Spring brings anti-war demonstrations. 100,000 in New York , 50,000 in San Francisco with thousands more marching on the Pentagon. Dr. Benjamin Spock and poet Allen Ginsberg arrested.


eugene mccarthy


Senator Eugene McCarthy
begins his run as a Democratic candidate for president under the banner or withdrawal from Vietnam.







Thurgood Marshall


Thurgood Marshall
who argued and won a unanimous decision in the famous 1954 school segregation case Brown V Education is nominated and sworn in as the first black Supreme Court justice.





Adam Clayton Powell


The House of Representatives expels Rep. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. of Harlem. A few months later voters defy Congress and reelect him.








jimmy hoffa




Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa begins 8-year jail sentence for defrauding the union and jury tampering which was commuted in 1971.






25th Amendment is ratified - Presidential Disability and Succession law goes into effect.


The Supreme Court hears Loving vs Virginia and unanimously ends laws against interracial marriages.


Serial killers Albert DeSalvo and Richard Speck are sentenced to life in prison.


Nobel Prizes 1967


Physics - Hans Albrecht Bethe
Chemistry - Manfred Eigen, Ronald George Wreyford Norrish, George Porter
Physiology or Medicine - Ragnar Granit, Haldan Keffer Hartline, George Wald
Literature - Miguel Ángel Asturias
Peace - not awarded


time man of the year 1966


With an escalating war in Vietnam becoming more unpopular in the Spring hundreds of thousands demonstrate against the war and the coming Summer 70 cities succumb to race riots with hundreds dead. With the culture in flux Lyndon Johnson take the role of King Lear. 1967 Man of the Year cover story



The World 1967



After a fight broke out between Syria and Israel over water rights the Arab world militarized. On June 5th 1967 Israel went to war with Egypt directed at the military buildup in the Sinai knocking out their airfore.Within 6 days the Israelis had taken Gaza, the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem. And the fight goes on...



uss liberty 1967



During the war on the Sinai Israeli jets fired upon the USS Liberty in Mediterranean 12 miles offshore killing 34 U.S. crewmen. Though officially considered an unintentional mistake by both Israel and the United States some do not believe it.






china h bomb 1967





China takes only 2 years to go from Atomic to Hydrogen.








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Beyond the nostalgia and retro feel for those who lived through the time, it is also designed to attract the younger crowd.


We have enjoyed some success in that endeavor as this webiste has become quite popular with teachers who use Sixties Pizzazz to get their Middle and High school students interested in our historic and cultural past by assigning projects and papers to this and our other PIZZAZZ websites.


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