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New Series 1967


flying nun 1967The Flying Nun - Starring Sally Field as Sister Bertrille who solves all the Nunnery problems with her God given ability to fly. It was Fields second television role after the 1966 failure of Gidget. Fields playing a celibate Nun Fields was visibly pregnant for the filming of most of the second season.





Carol Burnett ShowThe Carol Burnett Show (1967 - 1978) This very popular comedy variety show stared Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, and Lyle Waggoner. Tim Conway did not join the cast until 1974. Burnett relied mostly on sketch comedy with a few celebrity guest appearances. She began each show with a brief question and answer period with the audience.



The PrisonerThe Prisoner - (1967 - 1968) Actor Patrick McGoohan created and starred as Number Six in this Science Fiction show that lasted all of 17 Episodes. Though short lived it is remembered well for the surreal content of the Hotel Portmeirion in Wales where it was filmed, and the even more surreal of never really understanding what is going on with that gigantic crazy white balloon chasing him around. The show was a spin off of the British BBC series Danger Man.



ironside 1967


Ironside - (1967 - 1975) Raymond Burr went from Lawyer Perry Mason to wheel chair bound Police Chief Robert Ironside. Don Galloway, Barbara Anderson and Don Mitchell costarred.




mannix 1967Mannix (1967 -1975) Mike Conners stars as Detective Joe Mannix with his secretary played by Gail Fisher, the first African-American woman in a regular series. The shows popularity stems from the mental and physical violence Mannix seems always to attract. Both the actor and the character were of Armenian descent.


The Phil Donahue Show - (1967 - 1996) The show began in Dayton, Ohio exclusively on the Crosley Broadcast network, it was not until 1970 that Donahue gained national syndication. The show moved from Dayton to Chicago in 1974, a 29 year run.


Accidental Family
Beyond Our Control
Car and Track
Cimarron Strip
The Danny Thomas Hour
Do Not Adjust Your Set
Fantastic Four
George of the Jungle
He & She
The High Chaparral
The Invaders
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Judd, for the Defense
Monday Night Baseball
Super President


More on each new show of 1967 at Wikipedia





Television News 1967


smothers brothers comedy hourThe Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (1967 - 1969) As the movie industry underwent change with the 1967 Oscar fight for Best Picture in which the old became pitted against the new, so this show was the harbinger of the counter culture change. Both Tom and Dick were always in a running battle with CBS censors not only over the skits involving politics, Vietnam, race and drugs, but also with censorship of guest stars. Performances by both Pete Seeger and Harry Belafonte were kept from airing. The show created comedy stars including Steve Martin, Don Novello ("Father Guido Sarducci"), Rob Reiner ("Mike Stivic"), Sally Struthers (Gloria) Presidential candidate Pat Paulsen, Bob Einstein ("Super Dave Osborne" and "Officer Judy") and resident hippie Leigh French ("Share a Little Tea with Goldie"). Up against the top show at the time Bonanza, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour was very popular with the young, the American Idol of its time.



In 1967 CBS refused to allow Folk singer Pete Seeger perform his song The Big Muddy because it was a counter culture anti-war song. The Smothers Brothers fought CBS on this issue for a year and in 1968 CBS gave in. Though with high ratings CBS refused to renew the contract in 1969.



corporation for public broadcastingNational Educational TV (NET) begins as a 70 station network when President Lyndon Johnson signs a bill establishing the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood," debuts on the new federally funded network.


400 million people watch The Beatles on the BBC "Our World" TV special satellite broadcast of "Magical Mystery Tour"



The Emmy's of 1967 - 1968

Outstanding Dramatic Series - Mission Impossible

Outstanding Continued Performance By an Actor in a Leading Role in a Dramatic Series -
Bill Cosby, I Spy

Outstanding Continued Performance By an Actress in a Leading Role in a Dramatic Series -
Barbara Bain, Mission - Impossible

Outstanding Performance By an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Drama -
Milburn Stone, Gunsmoke

Outstanding Performance By an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Drama -
Barbara Anderson, Ironside

Outstanding Comedy Series - Get Smart!

Outstanding Continued Performance By an Actor in a Leading Role in a Comedy Series -
Don Adams, Get Smart!

Outstanding Continued Performance By an Actress in a Leading Role in a Comedy Series -
Lucille Ball, The Lucy Show

Outstanding Performance By an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Comedy -
Werner Klemperer, Hogan's Heroes

Outstanding Performance By an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Comedy -
Marion Lorne, Bewitched

Outstanding Musical or Variety Series - Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In


Most Watched 1967 - 1968

1. The Andy Griffith Show
2. The Lucy Show
3. Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.
4. Gunsmoke
5. Family Affair
6. Bonanza
7. The Red Skelton Show
8. The Dean Martin Show
9. The Jackie Gleason Show
10. NBC Saturday Night Movie
11. Bewitched
12. The Beverly Hillbillies
13. The Ed Sullivan Show
14. The Virginian NBC
15. Friday Night Movies
16. Green Acres
17. The Lawrence Welk Show
18. The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour
19. Gentle Ben
20. Tuesday Night at the Movies


Series End 1967


Gilligan's Island (1964-1967).
What's My Line (1950-1967).
The Milton Berle Show (1954-1967)


TV Guide Schedule 1967



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